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New Grocer Coming to Utah City

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Utah City Block 5 progress March 2024

News Article | March 27, 2024

Utah City: here’s what’s planned for the new community in Vineyard next to Utah Lake

Jeff Speck, one of many involved with the project, explained the community will be focused on sustainability and walkability.

The developers, Woodbury Corporation and Flagship Companies, are calling the project “Utah City.” On the project’s website, it’s marketed as a place that will “offer living options that prioritize walkability and wellness.”

In a promotional video for Utah City, Jeff Speck, partner at Speck Dempsey, features prominently. Speck is famous — as far as city planners go. He wrote the book Walkable City and is known for promoting dense, mixed-use communities that allow people to drive less. According to the project’s website Studio McGee, DPZ Co-Design and a host of other planning and design companies are also involved with the project.

Prominent state institutions plan to build in Utah City. The Huntsman Cancer Institute will build a new campus on 20 acres of donated land (the Legislature allocated $75 million for the new research center) and Utah Valley University plans to build out a 225-acre Vineyard Campus just east of the new development.

“A bunch of really successful, highly effective people have staked their reputation on this turning out well, including me,” said Jeff Speck. “I think it has the momentum and the commitment to turn out well.”


Utah City is Vineyard, Utah’s groundbreaking downtown development - a vibrant, sustainable, and walkable mixed-use community. Spanning 700 acres along the picturesque eastern shore of Utah Lake, set to redefine the future of urban living in the western United States.