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New Grocer Coming to Utah City

Utah City News

Blog Post | December 5, 2023

Righting SLC’s Walkability Wrongs in a New City

Our state’s newest large-scale development, Utah City, will sit on the eastern shore of Utah Lake in Utah County. Seductive renderings brag about walkability, transit orientation, and high density — three of an urbanist’s greatest pleasures. In the recurring theme of Salt Lakers leaving for the suburbs in search of density, host Ali Vallarta asks Utah City planner and “Walkable City” author Jeff Speck for his notes on Salt Lake’s streets.


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Utah City is Vineyard, Utah’s groundbreaking downtown development - a vibrant, sustainable, and walkable mixed-use community. Spanning 700 acres along the picturesque eastern shore of Utah Lake, set to redefine the future of urban living in the western United States.