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Blog Post | November 30, 2023

Benefits of a Walkable City

Utah City is part of the future story of Vineyard

Designed for community, convenience and safety.

Cars + Walkability

What does it mean to be a walkable city? A walkable city is designed to be safe, interesting, comfortable, and useful. By slowing cars down, widening sidewalks, adding street trees, and emphasizing pedestrian crossings, we are designing Utah City Streets to be safe and enjoyable to navigate. We have designed a mixture of uses near each other in Utah City. Mixing retail, office, parks, and residential allows people the option of walking instead of driving for some of their everyday trips. Utah City residents can and likely will own cars. In fact, it was designed with ample parking in mind; walkability just means that amenities within Utah City won’t require a car to reach them.

Safer Streets

Utah City will have designated walking and biking paths protected by landscaping barriers that weave through the entire community. Streets are designed to be comfortable for pedestrians and bikers. Cars will feel uncomfortable driving fast and will be slowed down significantly through the design of narrow streets, allowing freedom to safely navigate anywhere you need to go with or without a car.


Community First

Housing in Utah City is designed to encourage social interaction. Homes open into a network of pedestrian pathways that feed into courtyards and paseos – creating opportunities to interact with your neighbors and build strong relationships. One of the most critical aspects of building Utah City is returning to resilient communities built on shared experiences and a strong sense of community.



Utah County is projected to be the fastest-growing county in Utah. There is a vital need to plan and prepare sufficient infrastructure to support this inevitable growth. Planning and preparing for growth now will avoid future issues. Our planning and development team works constantly with the city, county, UDOT, and the Utah Transit Authority to ensure the necessary transportation networks are designed, built, and functioning to accommodate the area’s growth. Outside of the transportation network within the downtown, our top priority is working with these groups to move people in and out of Vineyard as safely and quickly as possible.


A Healthier Future

One of the most exciting aspects of building a new community from a blank slate is the opportunity to use innovative practices right from the start. Utah City can use the best design principles that offer environmental benefits without needing to retrofit buildings. This will create an entire community built with highly efficient buildings that are built to last for future generations. We also have water conservation in mind through water-wise landscapes, efficient irrigation practices, and innovative stormwater management. Whether you choose to enjoy the parks, shopping or restaurants in Utah City, or you choose to live in Utah City, you are an essential part of the ongoing conversation to build a solid and sustainable community.


But why name it Utah City?

We love Vineyard and we acknowledge the great responsibility to create something worthy of Vineyard’s current and future residents. Utah City is named to draw the best in business, retail and hospitality, quickly familiarizing those outside of Utah with its location and significance within the state. We aim to bring incredible amenities you can’t find anywhere else in Utah or the region right here to Vineyard.


Whether you choose to enjoy the parks, shopping or restaurants in Utah City, or you choose to live in Utah City, you are an essential part of the ongoing conversation to build a solid and sustainable community.

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Building Utah City comes with the great responsibility to build Utah the community that is deserving of its natural beauty.





Utah City is Vineyard, Utah’s groundbreaking downtown development - a vibrant, sustainable, and walkable mixed-use community. Spanning 700 acres along the picturesque eastern shore of Utah Lake, set to redefine the future of urban living in the western United States.