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New Grocer Coming to Utah City

Utah City News
Watercolor rendering of Lakefront Park in Utah City.

News Article | September 18, 2023

700 acre development project in Vineyard will prioritize sustainability

“When people have safe means of transportation through biking or walking in addition to cars, it enhances wellness,” Nair said.

Morgan Brim, Vineyard City community development director, explained Utah City is designed to give right-of-way to modes of active transportation like walking and cycling. There will be large sidewalks that buffer from traffic, and buildings will be oriented around walkways rather than parking lots, he said.



Utah City is Vineyard, Utah’s groundbreaking downtown development - a vibrant, sustainable, and walkable mixed-use community. Spanning 700 acres along the picturesque eastern shore of Utah Lake, set to redefine the future of urban living in the western United States.