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Utah Transit Authority train waiting for passengers on city street.

Utah Transit Authority

Press Release | August 28, 2023

Vineyard FrontRunner Station Open, and New Mixed-Use, Walkable Project Announced

VINEYARD, Utah (August 12, 2022) – Vineyard City and Utah Transit Authority (UTA) are pleased to announce the grand opening of the Vineyard FrontRunner Station, the newest station on UTA’s commuter rail line. The station is located in downtown Vineyard, close to the Vineyard Connector Overpass. Additionally, The Flagship Companies, Woodbury Corporation and Vineyard’s Regional Development Board are pleased to announce plans for Vineyard Station, Vineyard City’s first mixed-use, transient-oriented, walkable community that will be created around the new FrontRunner station.

Vineyard FrontRunner Station:

The Vineyard FrontRunner Station is the 15th station on FrontRunner’s 83-mile service between Ogden and Provo, and the first new station in a decade.  It will service residents, students and commuters traveling the FrontRunner route between Provo and Ogden.

“We are excited to provide FrontRunner service to Vineyard City’s growing community,” said UTA Trustee Jeff Acerson. “The new station will help increase mobility, connection, and economic opportunity for anyone who lives here or visits this beautiful area.”

The Utah legislature approved $5.6 million toward the new station while UTA’s contribution stands at $16.9 million. Utah Governor Spencer J. Cox, Vineyard City Mayor Julie Fullmer, UTA’s Board of Trustees and Executive Director Jay Fox were on hand to celebrate the start of service.

Vineyard Station – a walkable, mixed-use development:

Located on the eastern shore of Utah Lake, Vineyard Station is over 800 acres of master-planned new development focusing on sustainability and walkability. It will offer places to live, work, shop, dine, worship and more, with a promenade running through the center of it leading to Utah Lake.

“There is nothing else like this being developed in Utah right now,” said Nate Hutchinson and Jeff Woodbury of Vineyard Station, in a joint statement. “Working closely with Vineyard City, Utah County, UTA, UDOT, UVU and the Utah Lake Commission, this development will highlight the natural amenities of the city – such as the lake and mountain views – and also encourage a transit-oriented, walkable lifestyle made possible by UTA’s Vineyard FrontRunner Station and the vision of Jeff Speck.”

“As we continue to design and develop one of the largest regional developments in the state, centralized in fast-growing Utah County, our vision to connect people regionally and worldwide to jobs, higher education, home, and recreation, is taking shape at Vineyard Station,” said Julie Fullmer, mayor of Vineyard and chair of Vineyard’s Regional Development Board. “Designing this area in partnership with walkability expert Jeff Speck was extraordinary and elevated our goals and concepts into the vision and plan we have today.”

Highlights of Vineyard Station include:

Sustainability: Designed by world-renowned city planner and urban designers Jeff Speck and DPZ, Vineyard FrontRunner Station is positioned to be the most walkable, sustainable community in Utah. Its thoughtful master planning, proximity to the FrontRunner Vineyard Station, and addition of trails to the city’s already robust trail system will provide unparalleled urban living.

Accessibility: Accessible from I-15 from 1600 North, 800 North and Center Street exits, and from the Vineyard Frontrunner Station, Vineyard Station is poised to serve this fast-growing city for generations to come.

Promenade: Featuring 12 acres of open green space running through the center of the development, the promenade will begin at the Vineyard FrontRunner Station and lead to the shores of Utah Lake at Vineyard Beach Park (which is currently undergoing improvements by the city and county).

“Our state and local entities recognize the importance of this development and continue to show support that will serve the region and state with longevity, centered on a robust easy- access transportation network, with world class transit, and regional trail connections throughout this development,” Mayor Fullmer added.  “Additionally planning for a transit tie-in to both an international and regional airport enhances this mixed used multimodal development into a port for industry, travel, and quality of life.”

Work on Vineyard Station will commence in the fall of 2022. For more information and updates, please visit

About Vineyard Station:

A partnership between The Flagship Companies and Woodbury Corporation, Vineyard Station is an 800-acre master planned mixed-use, walkable community in downtown Vineyard located on the eastern shore of Utah Lake. Accessible on I-15 from 1600 North, 800 North and Center Street exits, and the Vineyard FrontRunner Station, Vineyard Station is poised to be the most sustainable community in Utah.

Press Contact:
Amanda Butterfield
Woodbury Corporation PR

Utah City is Vineyard, Utah’s groundbreaking downtown development - a vibrant, sustainable, and walkable mixed-use community. Spanning 700 acres along the picturesque eastern shore of Utah Lake, set to redefine the future of urban living in the western United States.